Task manager applet doesn't respect "from current screen" option

I have a dual monitor setup and have a panel with a task manager on each monitor, I have configured both to show only the windows from the corresponding screen but one of them keeps showing all windows on it.

This used to work fine with plasma5 on x11 but I recently updated to plasma6 and I started trying the wayland session. The first time my panels where messed up and both showed in the same monitor, after fighting with the controls I managed to put them back where they should be but I noticed on my main display all windows where listed in the task manager. Tried disabling and renabling the option with no success so I removed and added back the applet then configured again and it worked! But today I realized the problem now moved to the applet on my secondary monitor, tried the same remove and readd trick which appeared to work but Iā€™m again noticing the same beahvior.

Where should I be reporting this to get it fixed?

This sounds like 482339 ā€“ Tasks Show on incorrect screen after monitor reconnected

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