Task manager behaviour has changed Fedora 38 -> 40

I have seen others report changes in the behaviour of the Task Manager between Fedora 38 (plasma 5.27.11-2) and my newly installed system running Fedora 40 (plasma 6.0.5-1). Not sure if I am seeing the same thing, or something different…

On my F38 system, my panel had the launcher far left, then eight icons for frequenty launched applications. These had been added by clicking on the launcher, then selecting an app, right-clicking, and “Add to Panel (Widget)”. Then the pager, and then the icons for running apps.

It looks like this:

I liked this layout and functionality, and always get moderately irritated when a perfectly good configuration is taken away from me after an upgrade!

Not sure I like the Icons-only task manager - I can’t see which icons are pinned and which are launched by other means.

And I can’t get the classic “Task Manager” alternative to do what I want.

Am I missing something, or do I just have to “grin and bear it”?

Thanks in advance – Peter

Not sure what the prob is. There’s a difference between “add to panel as widget” and “pin to taskbar”. If something is added as widget, when clicked, a task will show. If something is pinned, the pinned task will highlight and show a task notification on that pin if several windows are open (when tasks are grouped). If they’re not grouped another task will show.

With plasma 6, neither of those options - “add to panel as widget” or “pin to taskbar” or available, with either the icons-only task manager or the classic task manager. I was hoping the classic task manager would be close to the plasma 5 version, but seems no to be so.

No, there is no right-click indication for adding as a widget, but it still works when dragging an app somewhere outside of whichever task manager is being used. Drag one to the left of it, say just to the right of the Launcher icon, and hold briefly for any widget (like the task manager or the Pager) to slide over a bit. if you don’t see it slide over, the dropped icon pins to the task manager if it is located you are dropping the icon.


This iirc is similar to how drag-and-drop worked on Plasma 5. I think.

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Many thanks for taking the trouble to explain this so clearly.

One (possibly) interesting observation. I use the application launcher based on cascading popup menus. With plasma 5, I could bring up the menu with the application I wanted, and right-click as initially described. I cannot now drag an item direct from the pop-up menu to the panel. But it does work if I first add the app as a “favourite”. (Fortunately the first app I tried adding using your method was Chrome, which is already a favourite, so didn’t take long to discover this!) So for the apps of interest, I added as a favourite, dragged to the panel, and then immediately removed from favourites.

Of course, it may not be wise to force an older (but much-loved!) way of working on a newer system - may be better to stop grumbling and learn to live with the new way of doing things!

Many thanks again – Peter