Task manager can't be centered in Plasma 6

I want to center my task manager apps. I created an empty panel with a dynamic spacer left and right and the task manager in the middle.
However, there is this annoying empty gap to the right of the tasks which doesn’t go away.
Is this a bug or does the task manager have a fixed width?

Try disabling the “Fill free space on Panel” option on the task manager widget.

Forgot to mention. Yes, I disabled it and it made no difference.

After testing it myself, disabling “Group only when the Task Manager is full” or “Combine into single button” seems to remove the extra space at the end.

Edit: The extra spacing still showed up after closing most of my windows.

The gap moves to the left if the option “New Tasks appear: To the left” is selected.




Agree, it seems to be this bug.

It gets centered properly when you don’t have any launchers, but then you need to live without launchers.

That’s good enough for me, thanks.