Task Manager displaying tasks in both icons-only and icons-text ways

I wish it was possible to display tasks on task bar in both icons-only and icons-text ways at the same time. It’s either all task in one way or all task in other.

I like to be able to see task’s title text when I have multiple tasks of same app open, yet at the same time title text takes a lot of space on the task bar and it does not have any value for apps which only have one task open.

I’ve created a picture in GIMP just to be more clear.

I agree. This could be a great addition to keep the minimalism of icons-only task manager while giving more details when needed to avoid ambiguities. It does also make for a nice “mixed” task bar with more variety.

I sadly don’t really have time to hack around (especially since I never made my own KDE Plasma applet and don’t have any KDE building environment set up), but the following could be used as a starting point, as a quick way to find relevant sources for anyone else interested: The text-only task manager (source code) and the default task manager. The Plasma task manager does have code for labels in the same tree, as confirmed by the contents of package/contents/ui/Task.qml. I believe that adding a new configuration option and some logic in Task.qml that checks if there are multiple windows of the same app could do the trick. If it’s just that, you might not have to set up a KDE building environment after all…