Task Manager in Plasma 6 behaviour change?

Hi. Since upgrading from Plasma 5.27.11 to 6.0.1 (in openSUSE Tumbleweed), the Task Manager behaviour has changed from how it used to be.

I use Task Manager (not Icons-Only Task Manager), with Manual sorting, and “Keep launchers separate” ticked.

This is the old Plasma 5 behaviour, which is want to have:
Plasma 5 behaviour (desired)

Specifically when I click a launcher icon, the application is opened to the right and the launcher icon disappears. I am also able to reorder the applications by drag and drop.

In Plasma 6 with same settings, the launcher icons don’t disappear when the app is running, which is undesirable to me. I’ve been fiddling with settings but cannot get the old behaviour back. If I untick “Keep launchers separate”, the launcher icons do disappear when the app is running, but I end up with a mixture of running apps and launcher icons, rather than all the launcher icons being on the left.

If I pick “Sort: Do not sort”, things work almost OK (launcher icons stay on the left and disappear when the app is running), but I cannot reorder the running apps by dragging.

Any ideas, or is this a bug?

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I’m having this exact problem. As far as I can tell there is no way to get the old Plasma 5 behaviour.

Also wondering if this is a bug or not.

If anyone is following this, the ID for this bug is 483942 in the KDE Bugtracking system.

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Yes, this annoyed me too. It seems like a worse default to me.

Unticking “Keep launchers separate” mostly satisfies me, but I also think the Plasma 5 behaviour was better.

Trying to gauge if others are experiencing this: Another Task Manager behavior change that I’m experiencing is that I can’t right-click Task Manager applications on my laptop touchpad (to see the menu that says things like “open new window; close; etc”).

It works with a mouse, but not with a touchpad. Makes me think it’s “just me”. I might have to file a bug.

Right-click on Task Manager on a touchpad works for me. Can you right-click in general, e.g. in a blank part of the desktop?