Taskbar Icon functionality

i am not sure if i am in the right forum, but i think so. It is about the taskbar icon. I post in this forum, because i have no hope, that someone can solve my problem. Although it’s not too important, it is a thing that is part of my daily routine and effects me a little bit every day.
To underline my descriptions i will upload a photo of the part of the taskbar accordingly to the effect i want to explain.
It is about the “W”-Icon. When i open it, there is created another “W”-Icon for the opened window. But when i click on one of the other icons, for Terminal, Thunderbird, Dolphin, Nixnote or Falkon, right from it, no new window icon will appear. Instead of creating a new window icon, the icon behaves like for the dolphin in this picture on the same place. You can Maximize and minimize the window like you know by clicking on it.
Why does the taskbar then make a new windows icon, for my “W”-Application, does anyone know the reason or even know a solution to make it work like my other icon right to it which work just fine ?
If there is no soultion it is automatically a wish from me to implement the impromvement in next Plasma version.

known issue with wayland… restart and try starting with X11 to see if you get the same thing.

there is a way to edit the application launcher to correct the icon, but i cant find it now.

Sorry, that i didn’t mention it, i use X11.

Is that a Flatpak application by any chance?

No, it’s an AppImage, look.
Actually it’s a separate App from the WebCatalog-App.
But it’s definitely not a Flatpak nor a Snap.

i think you have your own answer…

Linux is currently not a platform that we actively support.

i think you have your own answer…

That is no answer. Will you stop your support now ?

Maybe you find it later ?
Or maybe anybody else ?
Let us stay with Linux …

I think what’s happening is basically the program isn’t one program. It’s two programs in a trench coat; the first does some preparations then launches the second.

This issue would need to be fixed at the application layer; it’s not possible for Plasma to know the program intends for both programs to behave as one.

the fix i was referring to was for when icons don’t show correctly in wayland but do in X11, so it wouldn’t help you anyway since you are already using X11

i suspect the icon behavior is a quirk of the apppack and hard coded into it.

unless you can get them to provide linux support, then i would expect this is just how it works.

Probably there is a mismatch between the name of the desktop file and whatever the window/application is trying to show itself as.

What you can try doing is forcefully linking the application’s window (or application itself) to the desktop file (you can do that with special application/window rules, after right clicking on the title bar), the .desktop file’s name can be found in the menu entry for the application.

Wow, it worked. Thanks a lot. When you want to make it work, the solution, don’t stock the start menu entry, but the working window to the taskbar.
That’s the proof. Thanks to lomapur

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