Tearing my hair out about tabgroup migration (porting plasmoid)

Heya everyone,

I am looking at doing some migrating of code that worked in Plasma 5 but doesn’t in Plasma 6.
I saw the KF6 porting page (can’t paste a link) and it’s been a great help, but there’s the old KDE4 “tabgroup” functionality which came as part of the “components 2.0”, which was present as part of Plasma 5 - but now seems absent in Plasma 6.

I assume that it’s actually moved from tabgroup to something completely different (and not tabbar?)… But searching the net I don’t find anything productive for migrating from the older tabgroup to anything newer, and I have very little experience in QML to know what functionality should be investigated here.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?
I’m quite happy to investigate, study up and attempt the migration and recode/adjust, but right now it just seems like the functionality has been removed with no functional replacement?


The component was not replaced with anything else IIRC, as it was just a group of buttons. We didn’t really like the UX of the component anyway, so I would recommend porting to something else. Either real tabs, or else a combobox or group of radio buttons–depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

I would love to develop more - if the KDE/Plasma documentation and testing tools were actually helpful!

Trying plasmoidviewer and windows open randomly around the screen instead of inside the window. No documentation on the containment plugins, no way to list out the containment plugins.
No documentation on functionality being removed from libraries.

… This is very disheartening…


Yes, our developer documentation is currently quite bad. We’re working on it, and it’s slowly getting better, but the starting state was pretty low.

This is an area where help is eagerly appreciated.

Thanks for responding ngraham.
I don’t mean to be so negative in my post, and I appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing.
I wish I had the experience and ability to contribute to the documentation - perhaps I will if/when I am able to.


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So it looks like other than lack of documentation, and the plasmoidviewer not actually working “correctly” for plasmoid testing - there’s also a lack of plasmoid development tools.
KDevelop doesn’t do plasmoids - and it doesn’t have GUI editing at all.
QT Designer seems to be to do with QT, doesn’t export QML.
QT Creator - the qmldesigner plugin seems to be getting deprecated (actually doesn’t work so it’s worse than deprecated - which seems to be a running theme with KDE and plasma development).

… So, literally, I’m hobbled at every single step to try to get into this and the normal dev’s are hobbled trying to produce a quality product…

It makes what has been produced fairly impressive, since it’s being done by people with poor documentation and development + testing tools (something you would expect would be the first things to do when creating something)…