Template For Multiple Weddings


I run a wedding photography company and want to make a slideshow of around 20 images from each wedding. I’ve been learning my way around Kden and got as far as getting images into a project and adding audio. I’m about to add transactions and effects and planned to save the project as a template. I hoped on the next wedding I could remove just the previous images and add the same amount of new images as an image sequence and the project still retained the information to use the same timings, effects and transitions as the previous wedding.

Is there anyway I could do this? I need a very speedy way of making slideshow for the hundreds of weddings I do each year.

Thank you.

One way would be to right-click every clip in the bin and select Replace Clip and then select the new image you want. But this takes time and is tedious for 20+ clips.

I would do it this way: Use generic names like image_01.jpg, and store them in a special folder. For every wedding, copy the images to that folder naming them image_01 … image_20 or whatever. Open the project in Kdenlive, check that all is good, and render.