Testing sddm theme from system settings gone?

after upgrading manjaro to plasma 6 does not allow to test sddm theme anymore.

is it me doing something wrong or has this feature been removed from the GUI ?

I can still use the cli command sddm-greeter-qt6 --test-mode --theme /usr/share/sddm/themes/name

Hmm, I don’t recall there ever being a “Test SDDM theme” button in a way that actually shows an interactive full-screen preview in the style of the the SDDM test mode CLI flag you found.

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well I do remember it as this is what I used a few years ago to test themes until I found one that featured the option to choose the keyboard layout.

I cannot demonstrate it now as I cannot go back in time and rollback the plasma 6 update.

so according to you this would not be a plasma feature which suggest I had installed a custom kcm to add this feature. I do not remember doing so but this could be a memory issue on my part.

anyways, then my request would change from how to get this feature back to how can I achieve this in plasma 6 ?

I’m not aware of a GUI way to accomplish what you want. The KCM only exposes a way to see a small visual preview of the theme–the “View Details” button on the card for the theme you want to preview.

The CLI command you already found will do an interactive full-screen preview, if you prefer that.

the view details buttons that display a very blurry scaled down version of a screenshot is imho quite useless. to me details would provide actual details such as if the theme supports keyboard layout change, virtual keyboard, etc.

the sddm greeter cli command is better in that sense, but one has to go a web search or go to arch wiki to learn it exists and it is a waste of time to have to switch from system settings to a terminal to type a command then kill the preview window switch back to system settings to be able to change the theme. it would be more straight forward to expose this feature right from the GUI imho.