Thank you for all things KDE

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone involved with the creation and ongoing work on all things KDE. Not only plasma, but all the wonderful software put together. It is greatly appreciated. It is a big deal as if it was not for great people working on developments like this I would not have the freedom I have today to choose the software and desktops I want to use.

Thank you not only to the wonderful developers, but also to everyone else involved. Thank you :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! Thanks for the kind words.


Agree with that words!!
Thanks a lot to everybody!!


Came here to create the exact same post. KDE (as a whole) is probably the main reason that I’ve stuck with Linux on my main daily driver since it is so reliable. Thank you so much for making something so beautiful, so elegant and so reliable at the same time.


I love KDE. It’s amazing how this project and community can do so much and most of the time: very well done.
Thank you.


I’ve been using Plasma for about a few years now and just started recently contributing back to say thanks for all the work that goes into Plasma and KDE overall. :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree - for me, KDE as a whole for sure is one of the greatest and most important projects in the world of desktop computing :sunglasses:

So a big thank you to all contributors from me, too!


I agree, I am eternally grateful for your creativity. You are the best!


Came here this evening looking for a thread like this - I recently “hopped” to Kubuntu after being really impressed with how well the functionality of Kate, Okular and Dolphin matched how I naturally wanted to use those types of apps…and Plasma is just incredible.

I know donations are the most important thing, and I’ve been able to make a small one so far, but I hope those working on these projects are able to take a moment to see that they are bringing joy to the computing experiences of so many people. So many little things “spark joy” across the experience of using my PC now, and while I’m sure some of that is a honeymoon period of using a new suite of applications/environment, a lot of it has been that feeling of “I wish I could do…wait, I can!”, which is a very empowering experience for a user.

Thank you!