That effect "Limiter" can't init scale filter

When I am trying to swipe the minimum value of the limiter up higher, it says:

[filter avfilter.limiter filter3] Cannot init scale filter: Invalid arguement

Hello @Offikan
Do you mean the “Limiter - Audio lookahead limiter. (affilter.allimiter)”?
And, what setting do you mean?

My favorite is the “Fast Lookahead limiter (ladspa.1913)**” from Steve Harris’ SWH Plugins:
Select the Limit (dB), e.g. -1.0 dB and the value will be entered exactly. You can see this very well if you click with the mouse on the level in the master.
With Input gain you can amplify the signal if you want. The release time is very interesting, because you can give the limiting a certain softness, but I have no experience with it yet, but I think that 0.200 sec is a better value than the default 0.507.

Since Kdenlive offers multiple filters for many effects, it is always a question of which one is best.
Which limiter do the others use?

I’m talking about the actual video effect Limiter (avfilter.limiter), not the audio filter Fast Lookahead Limiter.

Hello @Offikan
If I increase the Min in the “Limiter”, from 0 towards 255, the image becomes brighter and brighter, and already from 150 completely white, if I select Planes YUV.
An error message does not come with me and version 23.08.0 on Linux.

But now I’m interested in why you need this limiter?