That's quite a bold default, Skanlite

@skyfishgoo, the sole alternatives I’ve tried which have been of any use to me have been Scanner - Quick and Easy Document Scanning - Official app in the Microsoft Store and Purchase VueScan for macOS, Windows, and Linux. However, the former is for Windows 10+, and the latter costs a lot of money (and its developer isn’t interested in upgrading its very outdated WxWidget GUI).

I’ve also tried its replacement, skanpage, from However, its GUI is a significant downgrade:

  1. I can’t modify any preferences without a scanner already connected. This is because although some preferences are, weirdly, still in a separate window


    most preferences are in a sidebar:

    I don’t understand why they’d put them there, but if they’re going to by default, why doesn’t it use the same standard panel implementation that konsole and dolphin do, which allows the user to reorganize it and separate it into a window if desired?

  2. The toolbar doesn’t adhere to my kcm_style icon presence preference:

    as is visible in other screenshots of its GUI.

  3. It tends to use pages rather than windows when doing things like searching for scanners:

    1. versus

    which limits my ability to see and do multiple things simultaneously.

It’s also only as buggy as something like #Plasma-Discover is, per 484109 – Discover segfault when interacting with any listing.. I suppose that means that my standards are fairly low currently, but at not wanting to bother to search for alternatives — laziness — is a powerful force.

Maybe it’s worth me trying some of the suggestions at Have you some?