The "crop, scale and tilt" effect is not displayed in Kdenlive

I recently installed EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma. I also downloaded Kdenlive here but couldn’t find the crop, scale and tilt effect. Even when I tried to open an old project where I used the effect, it was not there. Can someone please help me?

Can you post a screenshot with the Transform, Distort and Perspective video effects category?

these are all effects in the Transform, Distort and Perspective category

Very strange. Can you search your file system for frei0r.scale0tilt?

This is getting even more weird! I have both the appimage version 23.08 beta and the installed version 23.04.3, and they all show the CS&T effect.

Can you try the appimage fore 23.04.3 or even the 23.08 beta?

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I tried to install the Appimage version of Kdenlive and suddenly the Crop, Scale and Tilt effect is there! I don’t know why the effect was not displayed in the original version of Kdenlive. It’s very strange. Thank you for your help!