The impact of hiding accounts

Using version 5.1.2 , and I have a number of zero balance accounts when I view the 'Home" icon. Want to leave the accounts in KMM, just not see the zero balance ones. They are closed with Financial Institutions.

If I close these accounts, then change the config. to “Do not show closed accounts” will that affect other accounts/transactions where the closed account had activity in the past ? I don’t want balances affected, and still may have some need for the (closed) account transaction in reports and other searching.

The main objective is to not see them. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find a work-around for this. I would prefer that you could check a box “Do not show zero-balance accounts”. As you surmise, closing an account (i.e., an equity like Tesla after it’s sold) removes it from some important reports later on. A

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@Atheist - Thanks, yes that is my concern also. Needing these accounts not to be visible whilst at the same time, not loose the audit trail.

There are a number of views now within KMM that offer a filter. Can a filter be added on the account list, the home/main page ? Balances > 0 ?

@Atheist - I have added it to the wishlist - 478904 – Do not show zero balance accounts

It was implemented in the master branch as a little Christmas present even before you posted the wishlist entry :slight_smile:


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@ipwizard - Oh wow, thank you, a very nice Christmas present. :smile:

@ipwizard - I downloaded the latest DEvelopment release and can see the new feature, thank you. I will probably wait until that goes into the stable release of the AppImage though. :smile:

@Atheist - fyi