The screen goes blank when watching a video in full screen mode

Basically, the screen goes black when I’m doing nothing, but it shouldn’t when playing media or something

Do you mean it goes to sleep? Does it happen with every app, or only some? And do you mean plasma 5 or the new plasma 6?

Happens to me too, watching videos online on Brave.

Nah, screen just turns black and when I press any button it continue working. I’ve only noticed this in the browser because any other app doesn’t idle for 10-15 minutes. And I use plasma 6

Yeah, most things will keep it awake (its just the power management) but some apps do not and the screen will blank. It was more common back in the day and why I used to run an app called “caffeine” that would keep it awake. But, its not really required much today. Watching a vid in Firefox, even in a window keeps my system awake, but watching a vid in a program like Dragon will not.

Anyway this behavior had to be changed in two areas, the power management screen and the lock screen under behavior in settings.

Have same issue with brave browser.
But it’s look like it shoud work (system is detecting that browser is requesting lock).

Maybe this is linked to a problem I have. When taking an image or video to full screen, the screen is black for a few seconds. And my monitor is clicking like it does when video modes are changed. And when I move from one image to the next in full screen mode, the same happens again every time, when a new content is displayed in full screen.