Theme downloading error on Debian 12 KDE

Hi, around 2 months ago I installed Debian 12 with KDE, set up my system and not caring about any of my settings, at least until now. Now I wanted to change something but when I want to download a theme it says this error: Failed to load provider information from file (image : and I don’t know why.

Also the Discover app always crashes, and found a solution for that, it was as simple as moving out all the files from /usr/share/knsrcfiles to another place, and Discover wouldn’t crash, but it also meant that the download new theme button didn’t work (

Everything is as up to date as Debian SID allows it to be.

Does anyone else has this problem?


It looks like the act of moving the knsrc files elsewhere has caused this problem with the new stuff downloaded. Those knsrc files are what let it find new stuff! Without them, it can’t find anything, and you run into this problem.

In general when you have a problem like an app crashing, it’s best to submit a bug report rather than moving system files around on your computer. You may succeed in working around one problem, only to cause another one in the process, which is what has happened here!