Theme request: GitHub Theme

I want this lovely theme on my desktop: GitHub - primer/github-vscode-theme: GitHub's VS Code themes I’m lazy. Yes it’s a bit served. But I don’t care enough to make it, but I do care enough to make a Reddit post and KDE post.

If there is anyone who already has the skills to make themes and are left wondering what Next Big Theme they might make next, this one is a gem :smiley:

If this is the wrong category/tag, and you know of the right one let me know too (I couldn’t find a better suited one).

Check and get a modern theme you like. Go to their code page, and clone their git repo. Modify the metadata, edit the colors, I think thats it.

Then you can upload it to again.

Nobody is really doing “theme requests” I guess :smiley:

Thanks for the answer. I’ll update the thread if and when I make it.

PS: I thought there was a whole setup to do, and I am trying to keep a low profile and stop modifying every single little bit of computer like I usually do, so it’s good to hear that it’s a simple color swap.