Theme that moves window decorations below the window?

I know this is a weird idea, but please bear with me :slight_smile:


(Skip this if you’re just interested in the idea)

I have a laptop that has its screen quite low down - this means that “top of screen” real estate is more important to me in terms of reading, etc. than “bottom of screen”, since when my hands are on the keyboard in several orientations the bottom of the screen is covered. This is great with the panel below the windows, but I’d like to move other things like the window chrome to the bottom of the window too. (I realise this likely wouldn’t work with apps that do client-side decorations.)

The idea

I’d like a theme that has window title bar that looks pretty much like the Breeze theme, but with the titlebar of each window at the bottom rather than the top.

Attempts so far

A few months ago, I tried to do this in Plasma 5.27 and ran into issues with creating the theme (the title bar disappeared or appeared in weird locations). I haven’t tried it yet with Plasma 6.

Is this even something that’s feasible, or would it require changes to the theming engine to make possible?

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I’m not sure I’d use it, but I really like the idea that you want to try it out!

If it helps in any way, in the past, there have been a few weirder KWin decorations: