These past two weeks in KDE: massive stability work for Plasma 6.1

Sorry for the interruption last week; I was on vacation. While I was vacating, my colleagues were in full-on fix-everything mode in preparation for the upcoming Plasma 6.1 release in a little over a week. And what a release it promises to be! I think this is going to be a good one, folks. Lots of great features, improved performance and smoothness, and oodles of fixes for all kinds of strange bugs with your wild and wacky hardware devices!

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I tried to donate, but your donate screen and Paypal say

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I am in New Zealand.

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Pretty stable in Arch unstable since it was available (May 24th) . On our minimal install, this is about the only thing that goes wrong:
Plasma’s Panel Settings dialog no longer obscures the hover pop-ups for individual widgets while it’s open (David Edmundson, Plasma 6.1.0. Link).

I think people will like it. Thanks for your efforts,

Appreciate the effort, but task manager is worse. Can’t wait to see what 6.1 brings.

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Thank you, that worked.


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