Things missing in Gwenview for me; what image viewer are you using?

Gwenview is nice. Wayland native, pretty snappy, JXL support, portal support, its simply a good modern Linux application.

But I personally still use XNViewMP, which is a still proprietary but cross-platform clone of IrfanView for Windows. Also XNConvert is really nice, as it does all the batch converting you would want to do.



  • contrast
  • saturation
  • brightness
  • color tone
  • black/white point (for scans for example)


  • sharpen (all the rest is for fun)


  • px / % resizing
  • advanced progressive JPEG compression (huffman optimization, progressive algorithm, float, subsampling-factor, smoothening factor)


  • clean EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC data
  • batch conversion for whole folders, output parameters and all, multicore usage
  • before/after comparisons of tools

XNViewMP is available as a Flatpak, you can disable internet access at least. But it doesnt seem to be developed anymore. There were lots of requests to opensource it, and now I am pretty sure that would help.

GIMP has all these features, but its a bit slow and I dont want to use it for these small tasks. Also, XNViewMP is more intuitive, at least after placing the correct buttons in the bar.

The App is already written in Qt and integrates fairly okay. but yeah.

I don’t know… I think that Gwenview having a limited number of features and tools is a good thing. It is, after all, a viewer, not an editor. As such, sure, crop, mirror and rotate, resize, and share are useful tools, but I prefer it start up quickly and be light than have it turn into a GIMP or Krita II.

Sometimes you just want to grab an image, crop, it resize, share, bish, bash, bosh, done.


I personally encountered many issues with xnview in a distant past, once of which was recently discussed here, namely thumbnail refreshing ( which after years still isn’t solved). And as mentioned, gwenview is a viewer with some. Pretty much all xnview can do is easily done from servicemenus in dolphin ( the likes of Reimage, for example). For me it’s either a few with a viewer and the lot with an editor like gimp, not an in-between. But if I really had to chose an alternative to gwen, it’d be qimgv, which is better integrated with kde than xnview to begin with. It’s fast and it supports scripts at which point you can add all you like to the task context menu.

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Gwenview already does have contrast, brightness, and gamma adjustments, FWIW.


Oh! And that too. I had forgotten and I wrote about it in the last announcement! :grimacing:

There would be not many things that Linux cannot do compared to Windows,
as discussed in another thread one should read the doc files with software and be curious enough to look at thing like the Menu - edit (images) does help.