This week in KDE: autoscrolling

You can now turn on the “autoscrolling” feature of the Libinput driver, which lets you scroll on any scrollable view by holding down the middle button of your mouse and moving the whole mouse (Evgeniy Chesnokov, Plasma 6.2.0. Link)

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Autoscroll has been one of those things that have left me feeling more comfortable on windows… So so very happy!

Now, I just have to convince someone to make the “window settings?” menu to open with alt-space so the shortcuts I have memorized (alt-space-c is a 2 finger way to close a window quickly on windows)

That specific item is called “Window Operations Menu” and can be configured from the shortcuts systemsettigs. In the ‘kwin’ section.

Do note that alt-space is by default assigned to krunner, but so are a bunch of other ones so you can just press “OK” when KDE asks you to replace.