This week in KDE: SDDM

This week in KDE: we released SDDM 0.20.0, finished porting Plasma 6 to KSvg, improved the performance of Wayland with multi-GPU systems, and tweaked the look of widgets in the panel: This week in KDE: SDDM – Adventures in Linux and KDE


Wow what a week! Very exciting to see SDDM finally getting a release. Great work!


Thanks! It was a rather big week indeed for strategic topics, even though the post is a bit light on specific small scale improvements. A lot of exciting things are happening these days that make me feel really confident in the future prospects for Plasma 6.


What is a huge thing would be some kind of symlinking of /usr/share/sddm to a writable directory like /etc/sddm.

Otherwise currently on immutable Distros like Fedora Kinoite you cant change the sddm theme, which as theming should be possible for the user.

There is “sddm2rpm” from as a workaround, but it still is suboptimal.


Yeah I certainly wish more distros would push for stateless packages. Defaults in /usr/share/blah and then only changes in /etc/ which can survive package updates.

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