Thumbnail Grid switcher animation

Hi! I have two different machines (desktop and laptop) running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma desktop. I observe different behavior of the animations for how Thumbnail Grid task switcher appears on the screen. On the first machine the pop-ups fade in/out whereas on the second one they grow and shrink. Here are screen recordings of the two behaviors:

fade in/out: - the desired behaviour for me
grow/shrink: (this one is already upgraded to Plasma 6)

I prefer the fading effect without growing-shrinking, which also takes slightly more time to complete and is a lot more distracting. I could not find anywhere in settings how to change it. Popup behavior in Desktop Effects is set up identically on both computers:

Any idea how to control this behavior?

Turns out growing shrinking is present only on Wayland. When switching the session back to X11 it behaves as before. I personally like the old animation better.