Thunderbolt questions

Sounds like you may need to get windoze and check for firmware update for you dock because your Thunderbolt device is not showing.

Buuuttt every single part of the thunderbolt dock is fully functional, even when the laptop is powered off, I guess I just dont see the point of fixing it if it requires windows since I dont have a windows installation anywhere that I can use and it already functions to its fullest extent.

if someone could tell me how to investigate how the dock is interacting with KDE/openSUSE Tumbleweed on my computer I would be very excited

(just curious how it works, nothing much)

Ok so this is what was going on, read carefully (its a photo of the BIOS/UEFI menu)

So i guess i was right, it is firmware controlled. But only when configured a certain way.

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Good work! What’s showing in KDE now?

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I haven’t enabled/disabled it out of fear that something will behave differently, best of luck to anyone who tries it though. Additionally I found it slightly helpful to raise the USB-C power draw limit, it is stated in the bios that all it does is that it MIGHT cause the system to throttle sooner DEPENDING on the power adapter.

Well, after you posted that, I remembered having to do probably exactly that to get my thunderbolt dock to work on my dell xps15, so I will vouch for it being perfectly safe. I had to do that to use mine at all at the time to get the dock to even work, which was long before there was any native way in linux like boltd to authorize TB things at all.

I’m using a lenovo laptop now, I don’t remember having to do that specifically in the bios, but I might have remembering the dell when I first set it up, but either way had no issues using either the lenovo dock or my older caldigit I went back to (lenovo was an unstable mess), and what my screen shot above was from.

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