Time value used in *RC configuration files, eg dolphinrc?

what time values do the .config/‘rc’ files, eg dolphinrc use for PreviewDelay and TooltipDelay?
some values are 40000 indicating it may be microseconds (1/1,000,000)
while others are 2000 leading me to think milliseconds (1/1,000).
and, i found in powermanagemnetprofilerc there’s an entry that uses straight up seconds (1/1)…
Which is it, please.

what I’m trying to do is delay the ‘tooltips’ preview popups in konqueror. they have become an real pain. I move my mouse more to get away from the file information ‘tooltip’ to get the the file next to the one ‘popping’ the tooltip than I do for anything else. it’s annoying.
I like the info tooltips, just need more time to get mouse pointer to the actual file I want… Image and video ‘tooltips’/previews can be large, depending on meta info available so i end up move the mouse Way away to get it gone and get to the file i actually wanted… again, annoying.

There is no standard “time” unit in KConfig, so it’s whatever the application decides it to be.