Title animation in glaxnimate - text not editable when saved

By default Kdenlive uses the json file format (Lottie) when adding an animation clip.
I’m having an issue when using this format instead of using rawr (Glaxnimate format). I wanted to try to create/animate lower third Titles in Glaxnimate. The idea is that I can just copy the file and change the text-content of the animation file.

The problem is that once the json file with the text is saved in Glaxnimate, it cannot be edited anymore, because the individual letters are paths now.
When I create the animation in Glaxnimate first and save it as rawr-file that doesn’t happen. I can drag that rawr-file into kdenlive and the animation works there.

So I was wandering if this is a bug somewhere and lottie files should support editing afterwards. If it is not a bug, then my question would be if it would make sense to give the use ther option to choose the rawr-format instead of the lottie-format.
I saw in the kdenlive documentation that both json (lottie) and rawr formats are supported: Clips — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 Dokumentation

Hmm, isn’t that a question for Glaxnimate? AFAIK, Kdenlive just passes the files on for editing and has no control over how they are edited and what formats are used for texts and other objects in Glaxnimate or whatever vector editing and animation program you are using.

It looks like it’s a limitation of the lottie file format if I understood it correctly: Question regarding lottie / rawr format differences (storing text) (#655) · Issues · Glax / Glaxnimate · GitLab

So the second question is relevant to Kdenlive: Supporting not just Lottie (json) files, but also rawr files when adding an animation clip in Kdenlive.

I just saw this video about Shotcut+Glaxnimate. In Shotcut the rawr format is used:

Ok, I see. In this case you need to open a bug report. And it makes sense because Kdenlive does already support .rawr as an input file.


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