Title Bar Color

It seems that there is no easy way to change the color of the title bar. It would be nice if there was a setting where it could be changed.

I know the theme controls this and there is some configuration file to edit, but why not in the settings?

Usually the titlebar is the same color as the app outline (which makes perfect sense) but can make it difficult to see exactly where it is to move the window. Be nice to knock down (I use dark themes) the titlebar a tone or two for differentiation.

You can do this via the “Colors” settings page in System Settings.

  • For the current theme, click the 🖉 edit button in the bottom right corner.
  • Find the entry “Active Titlebar”.
  • Click the color button and select your favorite color in the color-picker dialog!

If that doesn’t do anything, your window decoration theme may not support custom titlebar colors. Breeze definitely does, Oxygen I’m not sure because it stays light despite me not changing colors in the theme.

Thank you very much for that!

I did do a search in settings for titlebar, but that didn’t come up. :slight_smile:

I did accomplish changing colors, but there seems to be some sort of bug in the system. The color changes on the preview of the theme, but not on the actual app. I rebooted – nothing. I changed themes and recolored that theme and it worked there, but then the titlebar reverted color on apps, not the preview in both themes for unknown reasons.

Also, I a bit of confusion…I went to change the titlebar color in Breeze to see if perhaps the bug was just in the theme that I am using (Mondrian Dark). The Breeze the file (I assume) is write protected so you can’t save the change.

I assume I would have to save the change to a new file name which would create a new theme on my preview page which I would then have to change to to get the new color. Correct? All the Kvantum themes are also write protected.

Seems like a long way to go to lighten the titlebar a bit :slight_smile:


If you are using the Aurorae Decoration Style ( Mondrian - pling.com ), They don’t support Colour Schemes, as they are based on SVGs. Binary Decorations like breeze do support following the colour scheme

More complicated than I thought – thanks!