Titlebar Application Menu

Currently, we have this settings option where we can add a Tool Button for the Applications Menu in the Titlebar Buttons.
Adding Applications Menu as shown in the above gives the following result…

So we have successfully added a button in the Titlebar that lets you open the Application menu of the GUI Application that is open.

But what if we were to do something like this…

This would mean one less click for opening the Applications menu and not just that. The user gets to see all top level application menu items without having to move the cursor or use a key combination.

I have tried looking into it, but I’m still new to the codebase and pretty slow due to lack of free weekends.
Would anyone be interested in implementing this, as it seems like something desirable to many.

Another part of this might be that, in case there are to many entries in the Application Menu or if the title needs more space, you could make an overflow menu that would work similar to the current implementation (just with only those entries that couldn’t fit).

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Someone already started to work on this: Draft: kdecoration: Locally Integrated Menus support (!126) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Breeze visual style · GitLab

Another way to do this is (for selected apps) drawing the titlebar over the application menu:

This doesn’t require dbus menu. If your app has a menubar on top, which has space on the right side, you can turn on the overlay.
And it makes clear cut between the application part and the window decoration part of the title bar, which solves one of Nate Graham’s complaints on CSD.
The downside is now you can only place windows buttons on the right side.

Thanks, that’s very useful.
I will try to learn what I can from it and hopefully it can be added to breeze in Qt 6