To drag a video from the bin to the timeline without audio

Is it possible to drag a video from the bin to the timeline, just the image without audio? It would be nice if there was a way so I don’t have to ungroup first and then delete the audio track.


When dragging from the bin, hover over the clip and then drag the video icon from the clip to the timeline.
You can do the same from the Clip Monitor: Hover over the lower portion of the clip and then drag the video icon

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So simple!
I would never have thought of that on my own. It’s a tremendous help if you just want to import the image or sound alone. It works wonderfully.
Thank you very much.

Do you know what the little exclamation marks in the thumbnails in the bin mean? Could it be because the frame rate is different than in the project?

No, I don’t. never seen that before.

Interesting that you don’t know either. I just look and discover:


This exclamation mark appears for me on all videos where the fps does not fit. The project has 25 fps, also all 50 fps are without this warning. Only the ones with 24.9703, 24.9504 or 29.971 similar frame rates or “varialble frame rate” (from mobile) have this sign. Good thing, this warning is a quality sign of Kdenlive.