To save all attached files to an email easily

When an email contends several attached files (photos, …), to be able to save / move all files all at once into a chosen folder, it would be very very serviceable to have a link to do it.


If an email has multiple attachments, I simply open the context menu on the mail (right mouse button) and select Save attachments. I then select the directory where the file shall be stored.

Doesn’t that work for you? I am using KMail 5.19.3 (21.12.3) just in case this makes the difference.

Thank you ipwizard for your answer.
It is also OK for me (KMail 5.23.1).
As it is useless to have a file saved twice in the storage (hard disk or SSD), another menu line is missing: Detach Attachments, as in Thunderbird …