To subscribe to a bug, it wants me to "Verify its component and version". How to avoid?

In trying to ascertain how best to remediate

I wanted to subscribe myself to 286793 – kmail2 cannot spool mail from /var/spool/mail/$USER to inbox using but when I clicked “Save Changes”, was brought to Log in to KDE Bugtracking System

I don’t want to make any changes - just subscribe to it. How can I avoid this, and why is it occurring?

Just click Save Changes without changing anything. Works for me now. Possible this was because this is such an old bug report? Or you accidently tried to move the bug.

€: They real questions is why do you want to subscribe to such an old bug report?

Thanks, @Duha – works for me too now, since the GUI doesn’t appear anymore. I can only imagine that an attribute was invalid, and thus it requested support from whoever next interacted.

It was relevant to

is all.

I am no expert on bug reporting/triaging, but my understanding is that for very old fixed bugs you should create a new bug report, even if it appears to be the same issue.
Therefore its probably not worth to subscribe to old fixed bugs.

For reference: Nate Graham / canned-responses · GitLab

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An exception would of course be FRs though, right, @Duha? After all, engagement with those is probably the sole method of interest now that Voting is unavailable at

Sorry I don’t know what FRs is.
€: Feature requests?
I didn’t want to imply that CC’ing to open Bug reports or Feature requests is useless. Just those that are long closed.

It is just that this bug report was closed years ago. So I don’t know how CC’ing would be useful unless you reopen or create a new report.

The reason you just quoted, @Duha.

Yeah. That. What does the Euro symbol mean in that context? I’ve never seen it used like that.