Toast notifications sent by firefox not saved

It appears that notifications received from Firefox never get saved into notifications history.
I have so far not seen any notifications from Firefox saved into notifications history regardless if I immediately read it or not.

Is it a known bug, misconfiguration or else how to troubleshoot this?

Second question, is it possible to make all notifications stay in history until manually dismissed?

I’m on Debian 12 with Firefox ESR 115.6.0
Plasma 5.27.5

they do appear here. no idea, what could go wrong. Snap? Flatpak? (regular deb package here on neon)

I figured out the problem…

Went to System settings → Notifications → Application specific settings
and noticed firefox is not listed there.

So in that window I modified “Other applications” and checked the “Show in history”

That mean Firefox has been mis-packaged somehow such that it didn’t appear in the list. It’s supposed to.

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Yeah that’s true, debian’s Firefox ESR is the culprit because it was not listed, I’ve installed latest Firefox from mozilla and that one appeared in the list.

I’ll mark your answer as solution because it’s more relevant than mine.
But those who want to to keep ESR will have to enable “other applications”