Today is Promo's Monthly Data Day ๐Ÿ”ข

Dear Community,

Today is our monthly data day.

(We also have a quarterly data day for FB, which is today too; and we also have a weekly data day, but that is tomorrow, and happens every Thursday).

On the fourth of each month, we collect tables of data from the likes Xitter, LinkedIn. These tables contain information about how each post we push out has behaved, how many people read it, clicked on it, liked it, etc.

We have also added Mastodon recently with a homegrown solution that automatically downloads the toots from the prior month to a CSV file on Collaborate:

It ran solo for the first time last night and worked great!:tada:

Unfortunately, Mastodon does not provide information regarding impressions (the number of people who actually saw the toot) or the number of clicks on the links within the posts. But the information regarding replies, shares and likes is still valuable.

All the information from social media is available raw at

under the Social Media/ directory.

If you have write permission to those folders, please be careful! A lot of the information in there is generated automatically and is not meant to be edited by hand. Make local copies (most of the files are very small) and work with those.

We are now working on collecting download data so we can see how promotional activities affect download rates:

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Currently, thanks to Justin Z., we have made progress with FlatHub, but any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.


Paul & Aniqa

* My apologies. You will only be able to see the content behind that link if you are inb the sysadmin group. You will have to take my word for it when I say we are doing cool things.


All done. Fresh, warm data files await analysis.