Toggle file looping in Haruna

As a media player I’ve found Haruna an excellent pick for any general multimedia file. It’s lacking just one thing though.

The only way to loop from the UI right now is by setting an A-B loop. I think there should be a button somewhere to turn on and off looping the currently loaded file from end to beginning, especially for short duration files that may be only 2-4 seconds long and without having to set loop points yourself.

Currently you can do this by isolating a file alone inside a folder, but it’s not very practical.

Related bugzilla: 458320 – [Feature] Control playlist navigation

Workaround or at least tip until properly implemented. Go to the Haruna settings and add as custom command:

Assign a shortcut to the command. Now if you hit the shortcut twice it loops the hole file. Stop looping command is set loop-file no.

Don’t know why you have to hit the shortcuts twice. Could be a Haruna bug, don’t know.

Once is enough, the osd text is just wrong the first time because of multi threading.

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