Tokodon Flatpak: Session not persistent

The flatpak version of Tokodon does not save the session and relogin is needed when restarted:

  • Start Tokodon
  • Enter your site
  • Click Link for Token exchange and get token from browser
  • Enter Token and use the application
  • Close application
  • Open the application again


You are in your account and are able to work


You need to enter your mastodon site again and again need to get a token

Tested the flatpak on desktop and droidian

Seems to be 473787 – Accounts do not persist on software restart, but I haven’t had the chance to look at why the Flatpak seems to fail yet. Is droidian, Android? :slight_smile:

No, droidian is native Debian on smartphones (it uses the libhybris for drivers). aarch64, testing/trixie. Same platforms as: Raspberry Pi 64 Bit, or Mac Linux Asahi Debian. So the most simple thing would be testing it on a raspberry pi.

Thanks for clarifying! I’m guessing its the same version as the Flatpak right? (23.08.x)

Right, that is my version too. 23.08.2

Hello. I have the same issue on Debian 12.5 with flathub version. The version I’ve got is 23.08.4

Furthermore I’ve got flatpak 1.14.5