Touch Experience on KDE. Some rough ideas

A list of ideas i have for improving touch on KDE. Most of these come from windows since windows has the best support


  • The pen can scroll through web pages.
  • Continuous press of the pen toggles a right click, while i don’t think this feature should be required it should be an option as not all pens have buttons on them.

Touch input

  • Right now holding your finger on the desktop brings up the edit mode. I don’t think people need to go to the edit mode that often and just expect some kind of right click, probably with some kind of visual feedback.
  • Virtual keyboard should honestly immediately hide the moment a hardware keyboard key is pressed(this might be a bug)
  • Wild Idea: What if when opening the virtual keyboard to type somewhere (like here) instead of the virtual keyboard forcing the window to change shape and probably cause issues. We instead(and forgive my non technical knowledge of wayland desktops) Move the window in a way that the text is always centred without resizing. This allows for keyboard settings like height to be changed without worrying that the application in question will have issues displaying the content it wants to display to operate properly.
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