Touchscreen friendly Plasma

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS, on which I have put KDE Plasma, I have a small touchscreen with it and I was wondering how to make it touchscreen friendly; that is, for example, a screen keyboard would pop up every time I clicked on a text field, like on a mobile phone.

for me on opensuse i had to install a package for the keyboard and only works on wayland

ill search what package was, i think was related to qt virtual keyboard o something

you need to install maliit keyboard (may not be on your distros repo) and the qt5-virtualkeyboard and qt6-virtualkeyboard, i hope this helps you

Thanks! I’ll try it today

So i need to install qt?

You need to install qt to run plasma at all.

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Nevermind, I installed maliit and enabled it in KDE settings, but I cannot get it to work on the login screen. How do I get it to work?

on the lockscreen works sometimes, 90% of the times. but on the login screen maliit is not utilized, instead you need a sddm theme that has the button for the virtual keyboard, one of that themes is the default opensuse one, it works perfectly there. ill test if the button is there on the default breeze sddm theme.

yeah, for me on the default breeze theme, the virtual keyboard works.

I’m running plasma 5 on a tablet for over a year. Works great if you enable the screen edge gestures. It’s not as touchfriendly as android and I’m also missing something as the tiles in windows, but it does the job to get older hardware back to date. I hope plasma 6 will not be a step back for touchscreens.