Track layers not fully transparent when using position and zoom


Recently a problem has developed when dealing with tracks that have clips with transparency, for instance a transparent PNG or even a track that has been chroma-keyed – when using position and zoom on a clip, the compositing between tracks is shaded. I’m afraid I don’t have the terminology to describe the problem accurately, so I will just add a screenshot:

There are three tracks here, the two top tracks contain a png file each, and a third is a color clip for the green background. As you can see, using position and zoom to move these clips around results in a not so transparent situation. Apologies if this is a known issue. I am using version 23.04.3.

Thanks for any help you can give me,
Floyd Powers

Use the Transform effect instead. PnZ has these issues with transparency compositing.

THANK YOU!! That solved all of my problems.