Tracking card yugio Digimon dragon ball etc

hello, I am looking for software to manage my collection card’s dragon ball, yugioh, saint seiya,pokemon…
Can your software help me please? If yes, how should I do it?
thanks in advance
Sincerelystrong text

This isn’t really what KDE does, you may be interested in using something like LibreOffice Calc or Base to help you manage that. Good luck, and I hope you find something that works for you!

This is a question about Tellico, KDE’s collection manager. This is in fact exactly the kind of thing it is meant to do.

Ah, I missed that. Sorry!

Tellico does have a template for card collections out of the box, however it is mostly geared towards sports cards. This should not be a big problem however, as templates can be modified or created from scratch, making Tellico suitable for any kind of collection.

To create a collection, choose New Collection → New Card Collection and add your cards using Add Entry → New Entry… To edit the template, simply use the Fields button. You can then save your collection.

Note that while Tellico is capable of fetching data for entries from the internet, it only has data sources for sports cards, so entering all of the data by hand may be necessary. It is possible to add custom data sources, so fetching data for TCG cards from the internet should be possible, but I am not familiar with the process. The Tellico Handbook has more information.