Translucent Kmenu

The recent update to 5.27.8 has resulted in my Kmenu, tooltips, and applets like “show alternatives” becoming semi-translucent. I do not like translucent panels or menus, especially as my wallpaper is red, which means my menu is pink. I know its 2023 and all, but pink is not my thing.

Similarly, the Steam Client window is also semi-transparent. I have the panel set to opaque, and it is opaque, but I do not see anywhere to make the menu’s and popups opaque again, nor how to get steam to be opaque again.

It is also inconsistent. Sometimes the menu is translucent and the submenus opaque, and other times, like in the screenshot below, the menu is opaque while the submenus are translucent.

Steam is doubly bad as it is actually invisible when it starts… you need to hover your mouse until you find an edge and drag it a bit, then it shows up at about 50% transparent.