Transparent png-sequence export

I’ve been trying to export png-sequence from kdenlive project with green screen removal. The transparency works well inside the project but when i export, i only see solid background. I tried creating script-files and modifying the “black” property of a background to 0x00000000 or #00000000 but it doesnt work. Does anyone know how i can get transparent png-sequence out from kdenline? Any way will do… I tried also exporting to couple of “videos with transparency” - render profiles and ffmpeg the frames out of them. Still no transparency. Any ideas? Thank you!

UPDATE: Managed to do it by exporting to transparent mov and ffmpeg:n the frames out from it. Note that “composite and transform” must be disabled in order of it to work. would be great to do this directly to png-sequence though.

This is now fixed with version 23.08.3: Kdenlive 23.08.3 released - Kdenlive