Trash broken for mount

I just installed Debain 12 and with it came a “new” KDE 5.27, about week ago…

Then I saw

I noticed something similar - deleting something on my mount took eons and my Sysmon (which is is quite some unpolished replacement for good ol’ ksysguard btw) showed this:

trash looks like copy not move

Weird, eh? So it turns out that anything from my hdd-mount is being “copy-moved” into my home trash on SSD (and wasting valuable write cycles). I checked the figures and, yes, trashing something within my hdd-based directory frees up space on hdd but occupies it on my SSD :worried:

However, my trash config seems alright:

Trashing should in the blink of eye instead of copying it elsewhere, as it was on my previous KDE/D11.

Any idea what could be wrong here?

PS: Some additional info

  • /home is on SSD
  • I have a HDD mounted in my home
  • it is a rather fresh install, didn’t have much chance to frankenstein it, yet :innocent:
  • ~/.local/share/Trash/ exists, on HDD also: .Trash-1000 in top directory

Are you using btrfs?
Possibly this bug? 395023 – $topdir/.Trash not created or used on btrfs sub-volumes

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Yes, I am but I did before on D11, too. And there it did work as intended.

And, OMG, this bug is originally from 2018… anyway, will try later that idea from