Tray icon for Tokodon?

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is there a tray icon for tokodon? I failed to find anything regarding system integration in the settings, but might have missed it.

OS is openSUSE with tokodon-23.08.2-1.1.x86_64.

If there is none, where could I open a feature request? As I thing this would be a valuable feature.

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Are you writing your replies with ChatGPT?

I’m really sorry then, it just sounded like that to me.

but I am aware of it.

As in, you know that ChatGPT exists?

Thanks for the reply. You told me a lot of things I already know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you did not include the link to the Github issue, which would have been the most essential piece of information. And as the Github repo for Tokodon (GitHub - KDE/tokodon: Tokodon is a Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile) does have neither issues nor discussions enabled, I am not sure where to start looking…

There’s an existing bug report here: 463696 – System Tray Integration

I decided to not implemented a system tray because both of the maintainers (me and Carl) don’t really want to support it and decided to go with supporting push notifications instead.

In the next major release in February you can get notifications even when Tokodon is completely closed. This feature can work on Plasma Mobile/Android version (unlike a system tray, which they can’t use) and it would use less system resources since it’s not constantly running the background. However that’s only if your distribution has built Tokodon with the optional KUnifiedPush dependency.

We don’t use GitHub for contributions, that’s only a code mirror. Our code originally lives on our GitLab Instance. You want to use the Bugzilla tracker for wishlist requests, this forum for discussion :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information (and sorry for the late reply).

Using push notifications sounds like a good idea, although I really like having programs just one click away in the tray. I’ll follow the bug.

Regarding my previous reply, the answer sounded a whole lot like chatGPT-created, so I wanted to test if this is a real answer. And as anticipated there was no reply to my question regarding the bug report.

Have a nice day and thanks for the work on Tokodon. I like it a lot…