Tray icons broken since Plasma 6

Ever since the Plasma 6 update the icons in my system tray have been wonky. I’ve read that the update “unlinks” the icon themes from what the systray will show, but in my case that’s not true. Whenever I change the icon theme for the DE the tray icons change too to whatever that particular icon set uses. I’ve always used Numix Circle for my icon theme, but when I apply it I get the weird folder icon for the bluetooth icon. The volume icon will also turn into a folder icon if I increase the volume past 100%. Basically it looks like there are some missing icons.
Is there anything I can do to get back my old set of icons for Numix Circle?

No issues with Newaita here.

I encountered the same issue as you in Fedora 40 x KDE6, my bluetooth icon become to folder icon, still looking for a fix :smiling_face_with_tear:.


Seems it’s fixed in master (i.e. Plasma 6.1).

Before that, you can add “inherits=breeze” in your icon theme’s “index.theme” as a workaround.

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