Troubleshooting Brightness Control Issue on Thinkpad x230 with Devuan 5 OpenRC KDE with mcOS BS Inline Battery Widget and GRUB Configuration

Hello, everyone!
I have the Devuan 5 OpenRC KDE distribution
And I have a problem with changing the brightness on my Thinkpad x230 laptop. I don’t know how to fix it, so I’m writing to you. I tried to reinstall the application that is responsible for this, I found it in the widgets, it is called mcOS BS Inline Battery, this is the error it gives.

Sorry for imgur link, cause newer user can past only one capt.
imgur. com/a/xrdIutY

But when I remove this widget from the panel and add it back, it does not “work” adequately, i.e. as in the screenshot, there are no questions about the keyboard backlight, but there is no panel with the brightness display. + I can’t change the brightness with Fn + F8/F9

imgur. com/a/10g77fh

The only thing that could have happened is that I changed my default GRUB to MineGrub, github. com/Lxtharia/minegrub-theme.

here is the Grub setup
imgur. com/a/dYDsDkc

I am asking for your help. Thank you.

The error suggests a distro packaging error. I’d recommend you follow up with the Devuan folks about it.