Trying to port QQC1.TableView

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a TableView to replace the one from QtQuick.Controls 1.
Here is the backlog from phabricator: T12275 (I do not have the right to post more than 2 links …)
Plasma bug related to it:

  • 470605
  • 470828

I come up with this demo: GuillaumeF93 / test_tableview · GitLab
It uses mainly code from Plasma-SystemMonitor where I’ve basically removed specialized stuffs about process, memory, cpu usage …

The demo still has issues:

  • Hovering on the header can trigger the cursor to turn into the resize shape near the border while not being able to resize at this position.
  • For Right to Left Language I tried to anchor the TableView to the right but with no success.
  • It lacks doxygen comments.

Then I tried to apply this TableView to Plasma-Firewall, but I’m stuck:

In kcm/ui/main.qml:431 here: kcm/ui/main.qml · port_qtquick_tableview · Guillaume Frognier / Plasma Firewall · GitLab

In the view propery of KCM.ScrollView I’ve put a Flickable that contains the new TableView (that inherit FocusScope);

I don’t know why but doing this “disable” the possibility of resizing columns …

Can someone more experienced than me help me ?

If you get no response here link this post to one of the matrix dev Channels.

The new contributor and development channels are very active.

Thank you, that was my first thought but I found that matrix chat can be hard to follow. I will wait a bit before doing that :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree. Maybe you can ask them to respond here