Ubuntu 24.04 "Allow Remote Interaction" prompt

In Ubuntu 24.04 (Gnome 46), when attempting to use the Remote Input function of KDE Connect from my phone, you must first manually allow remote interaction on the PC before using remote input.

Is there is a way to permanently accept this to avoid having to approve this every time I start the PC?

I have a media PC running with no keyboard attached. With previous versions of Ubuntu and with Windows 11, no keyboard is required as KDE Connect Remote Input worked immediately after booting. With Ubuntu 24.04, I now need a keyboard connected just to approve this remote interaction.

Hi @StorageB , this is the forum for the KDE Desktop and apps, so might not have someone who knows an answer to this question. I’m not sure myself I’m afraid.

You might be better posting on the Gnome forum here:

Or on Ask Ubuntu here:

Best of luck finding an answer. :slight_smile:

Hi @jay_tuckey , thanks for the response. I will give that a shot. I wasn’t sure where this question should be directed - thanks for the suggestions!