Ubuntu Cinnamon mouse control not fully functional


Just installed KDE Connect On a fresh install of Ubuntu Cinnamon.

The desktop and my cell phone are properly paired.
I can for example send and receive cell phone text messages from the Linux desktop keyboard. I can also send files from the cell phone to the Linux downloads folder.

I created a simple Libre office presentation in Libra Office to test out the remote input feature of KDE connect.

I am totally unable to move the mouse around on the screen.
However, if I start the slideshow using the computer I can double tap on my cell phone screen and go to the next slide. I can even enter text into a presentation slide using the keyboard on the cell phone. What’s not working at all is moving the mouse around on the Linux desktop. I can see that it’s trying but it’s just not working and I’m not sure if it’s because this is a new distribution that hasn’t been tested a lot with KDE connect or if perhaps something else is wrong.

I wanted to report it in case it is something new or find a fix if somebody else knows what I’m doing wrong. It clearly is accepting input to a degree because it’s advancing the slides in the slide show.

I’m trying to put together a presentation on KDE Connect for a Linux user group in the month of June and would like to have everything working in time to do a live demo Of KDE connect and its benefits to its use if you are a Linux user and an Android cell phone user.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy s21 With the KDE connect from the Google play app store.

The KDE connect on the desktop Was installed using the default ubuntu cinnamon software installer.

KDE Connect on cell is version 1.24.5
KDE Connect on Ubuntu Cinnamon is version 21.12.3

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

ADDED: Is it possible that I need to use another program that I located called gsconnect? While I’m waiting I’m going to investigate further and possibly give it a try in a VM.

Thank you.