[UI] Dialog asking for clarification

Currently, when user click on item by left button, default action was done. When right click, menu appears.

This is not good for touch UI and is not intuitive.
My approach is quite different. When user select item/action, show dialog near mouse allowing to configure or clarify, what to do. This dialog could be configured to do default action and has do button to proceed. When user click outside dialog, do button or item, which invoked dialog, dialog disappear and action configured in dialog (default?) was made.
But user could interact with dialog.
For example:

  1. Left click on file - menu open with appear with default program highlighted. User may click outside dialog or again on file to proceed with default program.
  2. Right click on file and select open menu item (as above)
  3. Right click on file and select delete, so dialog with radiobuttons - move to trash - delete permanently - will appear
  4. Right click on file and select move/duplicate menu item - dialog with options such like select location and duplicate checkbox appears
  5. Click on close button of app and dialog with save files checkbox appear
  6. Select file/save and dialog with location appear, entry will be filled with previous location

They will be nearly always need to show dialog, even with single accept button, so user can joy with UI and can avoid mistakes.

So this will bring some great stuff:

  1. Cleanup mesh with double/single click behavior - single left click allow to configure action and double click will perform default action
  2. It is more intuitive and exposes more options
  3. It will allows to remove some items from menus and other parts of UI, but once user need more settings, it will easy to do so
  4. We can enhance dialogs to not only provide more actions options, but (for example in case of press file) show previews, details, etc.

Smartphones, being pure touch UI, don’t work like you described. And I believe they have a reason not to do so.

The most popular design at the time is press (left click) for default action, and long press (right click) for options.