Unable to cast my Screen on Laptop

Hi Team,
I am facing an issue after a recent plasma update.

Everything was working normally while I was on Plasma 6.0

After updating to plasma 6.1 and 6.2 (current), I am unable to share or cast my laptop or monitor screen in apps like Teams for Linux and also from browsers like Firefox or Edge.

Current Behaviour: When I cast my screen, I get a popup asking me to choose my screens or entire screen. Even if I try to choose it or double click the square thumbnail, nothing happens.
However, I am able to share edge browser tabs.
Only desktop share isn’t working.

My Specs:

Laptop: Lenovo E14
KDE Neon: 6.0
Plasma Version: 6.1.2
Graphics Platform: Wayland

Hi @ngraham can you shed some light on this?

I am using KDE Neon on my laptop for work purposes, and without the ability to cast my screen, it is becoming difficult to cast screen in team meetings.


This is a Neon bug, see 488749 – Screen Recorder error in PipeWire remote in all screen recorders, include obs studio: black screen!.

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Thank you for the bug chain.

I have followed the steps in this guide to manually make it work as of now.

PS: Had to reboot to make pipewire work after installation.

Hope future updates will patch this.